Sweden: selective prosecution by the Ukrainian government continues

09:04, 05 February 2013
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The new charges against Yulia Tymoshenko show that the Ukrainian government is continuing its policy of selective prosecution of political opponents, says Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, according to an Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"I think this is proof of the previous bitter experience. They’re presenting her with charge after charge. The charges in the first trial were clearly biased and insufficiently justified. Therefore, in my opinion, this is all politically motivated. We’ll see what happens next," Carl Bildt said in an interview with Deutsche Welle radio.

The Swedish foreign minister said the EU should take a stronger position on Ukraine. "Firstly, there should be a strong response so that our position is clear. Secondly, we also need to find a common language. These negotiations are being held. European commissioner Stefan Fule will soon go to Ukraine. The new Ukrainian foreign minister was in Brussels recently. The special mission of the European Parliament – Kwasniewski and Cox – will also be there soon. The question is, will we be able to change the position of the Ukrainian leadership? So far this hasn’t been very successful," he added.

Carl Bildt recalled that the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will be signed only if Ukraine respects basic European values. "Many similar agreements are based on respect for the rule of law, otherwise they won’t work. If you don’t respect the rule of law in one area, you can assume there won’t be respect in other spheres. There is a connection between the fact there is selective justice and the possibility for real progress with the agreement," said the Swedish foreign minister.

"In December the European Union set its terms. They were communicated to Kyiv in a very clear language. Now we have to wait and see. Without a doubt, I would welcome the possibility of signing the agreement. I would welcome even more the fulfillment of the presented requirements," he stressed.

The Swedish foreign minister also said the Ukrainian president should be alarmed by the difficult economic situation in his country. "The economic situation in Ukraine is becoming very difficult. This will have political consequences for his government. The long term situation in Ukraine could significantly improve through relations with the EU. I don’t know whether he understands this," Carl Bildt said.

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