Opposition rejects re-elections

13:23, 07 February 2013
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The opposition has rejected the idea of re-election in disputed constituencies, but has demanded determining the recent parliamentary elections based on the submitted reports of local election committees, MP Ksenia Lyapina of the Batkivshchyna Party said, according to KW.

Lyapina says that this demand has been put forward for two reasons.

Firstly, over the last few months the government has done nothing to arrange re-elections. The second reason is that legal review of the situation has showed that the Central Elections Commission is able to determine the results of elections in troubled precincts, but it does not want to assume any responsibility. Lyapina believes the CEC should assume the responsibility and tally the results of elections in the five disputed precincts based on existent reports. The Party of Regions have said the opposition simply doubts the victory of its candidates. “The opposition has no confidence in its candidates; it does not believe they will win the elections, but the PoR is convinced that its candidates will win at least in three precincts,” MP Oleksandr Stoyan of PoR argued as quoted by KW weekly.

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