“Negotiations have reached a deadlock. The reason is that we always hear ultimatums from our partners. We do not accept such a style to hold negotiations that’s why we think that a process of negotiations in the framework of the three is hopeless” – Roman Zvarych, people’s deputy, a member of a working group said, according to the Our Ukraine’s press-office.

“At that we are aware that Ukrainians are tired of talks about a coalition. We want to hear a precise answer at a simple question of Ukrainian people whether we form a coalition in order to help some leaders get certain posts or we form it in order to implement a programme of the agreement” – he emphasized.

“Ukrainian people have made their choice and we must distribute posts according to it in order to ensure a full implementation of the programme. The Our Ukraine bloc does not accept any kind of agreement out of a coalition when personnel affairs could be settled in a shady way” – Mr. Zvarych said.

According to him, if a political force or a person wants to bear responsibility and form a coalition, it shouldn’t be done with ultimatums.

“If this political force is not capable to do it, we are ready to bear responsibility and propose our candidature for the post of the PM” – people’s deputy emphasized.

“A coalition must be formed anyway. We used to demonstrate a constructive position but said to our partners that we were free because the situation became hopeless” – Mr. Zvarych opined.