Mykhaylo Brodskiy quitted Batkivshchyna party and the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, and also resigned from the post of the BYT faction in the Kyiv City Council.

M.Brodskiy announced this to a news conference in UNIAN today.

He explained that Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy and his entourage “continue violating the law and debars the biggest faction from making decisions and controlling this process”. “I do not want to split the faction. That is why I resigned. I do not want to see how they are dividing the city, how after the clan of Omelchenko [former Kyiv Mayor] they are creating a clan of Chernovetskiy”, he said.

M.Brodskiy also said he suspends his membership in Batkivshchyna party and the Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, as the BYT leadership failed to answer the open letter of Serhiy Odarych, who was expelled from the BYT Cherkassy city organization. “He is my friend, he was my deputy in “Yabluko” party, we together with 14 thousand members of “Yabluko” joined BYT. That is why I today suspend my membership until I hear the answer to the question – whether BYT member Hubskiy may expel Odarych from Batkivshchyna?”