We have to tell people the truth - Azarov

08:55, 06 November 2007
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The most dangerous thing now – is populism, he said

The first vice-prime minister, Minister of finance Nikolay Azarov in interview to NTN stated that the political instability becomes the biggest thread to building modern and economically powerful Ukraine, according to the Party of Regions’ web site.

      “There are a lot of problems, that the most important thread is populism, it’s a thread of permanent elections, political instability”, - admitted Nikolay Azarov.

According to his words, it diverts the state resources from deciding the issues, directed to the achievement of the main goal. “The main goal is to create the modern society and economy. It needs a big efforts”, - underlined the First vice-minister.

      Nikolay Azarov admitted, the disproportions in economy, occurred for the last years, were created intentionally by some political forces, which were fighting for the power. “We have to tell people the truth. The truth that we can only demand what we produce. The more we produce, the more we can demand”, - said he.

      “Talking about the perspectives of economical development is not only about the distribution, but in organizing the production. The issue is to modernize our economy, leading it to innovative directions. We also have to solve the problems in energy sphere. Without solving those issues we can remain with no energy sources in 3-4 years”, - admitted Nikolay Azarov.

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