The Our Ukraine bloc run in the elections with principles of supremacy of law, democracy, freedom of speech, transparent and accountable power, struggle against corruption, fair and responsible policy, according to the Our Ukraine statement. The results of the parliamentary elections have witnessed our consecutive position on making democratic changes in the society and European and Euro-Atlantic integration that have proved their efficiency for the last year and a half. We have exposed these principles in the draft coalition agreement we had submitted to our future coalition partners.

Today we should state that the negotiations have reached a deadlock. The reason is an ultimatum position of the Socialist party of Ukraine and the BYuT that have put their personal ambitions above the will of Ukrainian people. The Our Ukraine does not accept a language of ultimatums and relies just on the results of voting on March 26, 2006.

The Our Ukraine bloc will continue to stand for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, joining the WTO, introduction of a right for land property, ensuring energy independence of Ukraine, introduction of a principle of collective nature and accountability of the government’s activity.

Other participants of negotiations have not accepted the last point.

We are convinced that only these principles that underlie a coalition agreement are capable to ensure an existence of a stable parliamentary majority, formation of an efficient and responsible power and create conditions for introduction of social and economic transformations in Ukraine.

Therefore the Our Ukraine bloc addresses the political forces that won the parliamentary elections with an appeal to sit at a negotiating table and bear responsibility for the activity of legislative and executive power.

Any delay is a disrespect of the Ukrainian people’s choice and its aspiration for fast and efficient transformations in economy and political life.