Defender of ex Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko Serhiy Vlasenko has been denied to travel abroad in Boryspil airport.

The press service of the Batkivshchyna reports this.

“Today, on March 13, once again, the border guards have denied me to travel abroad. On personal official invitation of representatives of the European parliament I was going to take part in urgent debate organized concerning issues of Ukraine, where they will consider both the shameful case, which was considered by SACU, and deprivation of me of lawmaker title”, - said S. Vlasenko.

He noted that all of this happened despite the statement of the Prosecutor General’s Office that they do not have claims to S. Vlasenko and it was officially stated.

The defender of ex Prime Minister noted that denial of his departure abroad contradicts to the law and sound logic, because there are no judicial decisions, which he did not fulfill.