Socialist Party of Ukraine leader Oleksander Moroz claimed that SPU is ready to refuse from the post of the Verkhovna Rada chairman, under condition that the jobs are distributed proportionally, including the job of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and positions in the local power agencies.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, O.Moroz claimed this, speaking at the parliamentary session today.

“We are ready to remove this claim [for the post of the VR speaker - UNIAN], but under condition that the positions will be distributed on a proportional principle, beginning from chairmen of district state administrations to Ministers”, the SPU leader said.

He stressed that under other conditions, the Socialist Party of Ukraine will have a right to make a free choice.

O.Moroz noted that should SPU receive an answer to these proposals, it is ready to continue talks on creating the Democratic Forces Coalition.

According to him, presently different political forces differently explain the situation around forming the coalition, in particular, Our Ukraine accuses SPU of everything.

O.Moroz recalled that his party followed its line of creating the coalition from the very beginning, and proposed to sign a coalition agreement as early as on 26 March, but, “those criticizing us now, refused”.