Daylight saving time is back – Ukraine will rewind the clock one hour forward on the night of March 31, according to KW. Though for 95% of Ukraine’s territory winter time (UTC+2) is considered natural, intentions of certain politicians and officials to set this time throughout the whole year have not been yet successful.

Changing the clock is traditional for Ukraine, but in the past few years this procedure issue has been a subject of increased interest among Ukrainians due to the changes that the government tried to adopt.

In 2011, the Rada cancelled transition to winter time in Ukraine. However, the decision was cancelled amidst the criticism by experts and general public. In 2012, a proposal was made to leave winter time in Ukraine and change to daylight savings of the last time in order not to create a greater time difference for the guests of EURO 2012 from European countries. The championship ended, but the Ukrainians again set the clock an hour back on October 28, 2012. The legislators never considered bill submitted by the government. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade continues to insist on adoption of winter time for the whole year.