Ex Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has refused from a prisoner transfer under guard to Kyiv for today’s court session for participation in interrogation of Serhiy Taruta in capacity of witness on case concerning the murder of businessman Yevgeniy Shcherban.

The press service of the State penitentiary service of Ukraine reports this.

In accordance with the report, on April 1 employees of Kachanivska penal colony asked several times convict Yu. Tymoshenko about her opinion concerning her transfer under guard to Kyiv on April 2. During the first talk she refused to tell whether she was ready for transfer, and then she said that the penitentiary service “should act in accordance with the law”, that it is why they do not have right to take her away from the permanent health care institution, because, according to her words, it contradicts to the demands of the CPC.

That is why the convict was informed that the leadership of the colony is about to draw up a statement on refusal from being transferred under guard.

After that Yu. Tymoshenko wrote an application, where she noted that she wants to go to the court.

Having received an application, head of Kachanivska penal colony Ihor Kolpashchikov went over to communicate with the convict. Yu. Tymoshenko said that the fact that she allegedly wanted to go to take part in the court session does not mean that the penitentiary service has a right to transfer her under guard because she is in the medical institution. According to the press service, Yu. Tymoshenko did not give any additional explanations, despite of concrete questions of I. Kolpashchikov, for example “How are you about to get to the car?”, “Whether you need help from employees of the colony during the transfer”.

She said: “I will not tell anything anymore. Act in accordance with the law”.