Volodymyr Lytvyn, leader of the eponymous Bloc, claims that representatives of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense and the Party of Regions carry out backroom talks about creating a parliamentary coalition.

V.Lytvyn claimed this in an interview to “Novye Izvestiya” newspaper (the electronic version of 14 November).

“I would like to specify that the talks are already carried out. Not in public, but in lobbies. They have already distributed everything”, V.Lytvyn said, adding: “Considering the current approach, we do not see any place for us there”.

According to V.Lytvyn, if this coalition is created, they will impose their ideology. “It will be an attempt of one side to impose its vision on the whole coalition, arguing that the other side will get an opportunity to control the economics”, he believes.

At the same time, V.Lytvyn expressed an opinion that the President is afraid of both variants of the coalition. “In one coalition, it is not very comfortable for him to build relations with Victor Yanukovych, but, on the other hand, the relations with Yulia Tymoshenko are even more uncomfortable for him. He chooses the best of the worst.

And, it seems to me, the decision has not been made as yet. I believe the process of coalition formation may be dragged out”, he stressed.

V.Lytvyn noted that the snap parliamentary poll did not help to overcome the political crisis in the country, and the reason is that politicians keep on their backroom games. “Their aim is to provide those participants of talks with convenient chairs. They do not speak about problems or needs of the country”, he noted.