Raisa Bohatyryova, Party of Regions representative in the working group for preparing the first session of the Verkhovna Rada of sixth convocation, warns that in case if Our Ukraine - People’s Self Defense Bloc and BYuT do not compromise, the first session may not take place on 26 November.

She said this in an interview to journalists.

According to R.Bohatyryova, “if we keep on working in such a way, as today, when our opponents are trying to persuade us of their fighting efficiency, I think, our electors may not expect for opening the first session of the sixth convocation on 26 November”.

She stressed that should their opponents have had “common sense and knowledge of the regulations, and should they have had patriotic positions, they would have agreed for the candidacy, proposed by the Bloc of Lytvyn, the Party of Regions, and CPU” (these three political forces proposed candidacy of Communist Adam Martyniuk for the post of Speaker - UNIAN).

Asked whether disputable issues may be solved by means of voting in package, R.Bohatyryova noted that “they have already got used to package proposals, package votings. It seems to me they will even celebrate a wedding in package – all together, OU-PSD and BYuT, and will separate in the same tandem in a day”.