When Ukrayinska Pravda editorial staff received this scanned document we thought it was another trick of a joker who had just mastered fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop.

However, it turned out that the below certificate of honor is real.

One of the most odious politicians in the modern Ukrainian politics Serhiy Kivalov can consider himself fully rehabilitated, although three years ago at the height of the Orange Revolution it seemed that then head of the Central Election Commission (CEC) would either become a political refugee in Russia or a detainee in Lukyanivsk detention facility.

However, Mr. Kivalov’s life is returning to normal. First, in 2005, Viktor Yushchenko signed a gift photo for him. Then Mr. Kivalov erected a monument to himself on the territory of Odesa Academy of Law.

Now, Mr. Kivalov has a certificate of honor for his activity in the office of the CEC chairman.

Serhiy Kivalov is honored for his “important contribution to ensuring observance of the citizens’ constitutional voting rights and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the CEC foundation.”

Mr. Kivalov worked as the head of the CEC only during one election campaign. It was presidential election in 2004.

He was sacked by the Verkhovna Rada at the height of the Orange Revolution charged with the mass election fraud.

Maybe the CEC decided to honor all former heads of this organization on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. However, such a gesture is a spit in the faces of millions Ukrainians.

The certificate of honor was signed by the current CEC Chairman Volodymyr Shapoval who is a member of Viktor Yushchenko’s team.

Back in 2003, Mr. Shapoval was the Constitutional Court Judge. He had enough courage to vote against the permission for Leonid Kuchma to run for the president for the third time. 

According to Mr. Kivalov’s press service, he has also received the CEC Anniversary Medal.

In his commentary, Mr. Kivalov has said that “this is a logical end of the processes that began in 2004.”

“Everybody remembers that I was haunted. In fact, the public tried to blame me for my honest and persistent work as the CEC chairman,” stated Mr. Kivalov.

Mr. Kivalov says that he “is feared to imagine what could have happened if he had not signed the CEC decision stating Viktor Yanukovych’s victory at the presidential election in 2004.”

“If I had not come to the CEC on November 24, if I had refused to hold the CEC session the country would have been plunged in the deep crisis verging on the threat of a civil war,” he said.

“It was the protocol I had signed that became the cornerstone of a legal dispute resolved in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. If it had not been for this protocol the Supreme Court would have never made its decision,” he added.

Serhiy Kivalov’s logic is astonishing.

In fact, if it were not for him, there could be no Orange Revolution. That is why Mr. Kivalov must be awarded with an orange on the third Maidan anniversary.

“Nobody thanked me then,” added Mr. Kivalov.

Now, the award has found its hero.

Article by Ukrayinska Pravda

Translated by Eugene Ivantsov