I want to ride my bicycle

14:27, 25 April 2013
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The number of fanatics of bicycle riding in Kyiv by the year, according to KW. According to the Kyiv Bicycle Association, more than 50,000 residents of the city ride to work on a bicycle today. However, all bicycle riders in Kyiv face one main problem – namely, the poorly developed infrastructure for bike riding. An article in the latest KW issue looks into the problem.

Last year the city officials opened a new bikeway along of the most congested roads in the city – Bazhana Avenue. But, as it turned out, it is not amenable for bike riding along certain stretches. In some places, the paths are blocked by a row of kiosks or mini markets and in other places cyclist run into fenced in lawns despite the bikeway signs. This leaves a cyclist with only two choices – either ride onto the oncoming traffic or on the sidewalks at one’s discretion.

“Unfortunately, the city government is not learning from its mistakes. At first we thought that the officials would factor in their initial mistakes and pave new bike paths according to standard, but it turns out that they continue to repeat their mistakes,” says Bondarenko.

Yet another problem is where to park bikes. Many bike parking zones have been created over the last few years when the city council obligated owners of supermarkets, shopping malls and fitness and sports centers to create free of charge lots for bicycles.

All things considered, due to the lack of an infrastructure for bikes in Kyiv, most residents do not risk riding a bike as a daily means of transport, Vlad Rudenko’s article concludes.

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