Today, Victor Yushchenko has said: “I have always supported an ‘orange’ democratic coalition, with common sense and compromises but without threats and blackmail”, according to the President’s press-office.

      The Head of State pledged to spare no effort to ensure such a coalition is eventually created.

      “As President, I will do my best to form a democratic coalition by approving relevant legal acts and even accepting some compromises. Unlike some political parties, I do not plan to share hundreds of posts,” he said.

      Mr. Yushchenko emphasized key principles of settling this “technical issue.” The three parties - BYuT, Our Ukraine and SPU - should consider results of the March 26 election, he explained.

      “This is the first principle to build their representation in government on the basis of mandates they were given by their electorates.”

      Then the parties should in turn choose posts which do not, however, belong to the presidential quota.

      “This is one of the provisions of the Constitution and it cannot be discussed. I am surprised to hear some political forces still insist that they should share posts belonging to the President,” he said. 

      “I would like to say again: I will not give these posts [defense minister, foreign minister, state security chief, national bank chairman, etc.] away.”

      Then the President said the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, which first chose the post of premier but then insisted that the Socialists must be given the post of parliamentary speaker, “has dead-ended the coalition negotiations.” He characterized their position as inconsistent with the coalition principles and unclear.

      The Head of State said he could “only encourage the parties to continue searching for political compromises.” He added that he had offered Oleksandr Moroz the post of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council to unblock the coalition talks.

      “Unfortunately, my offer was not accepted with understanding. Today, there is much pressure and blackmail in the talks and consultations,” he admitted.

      Mr. Yushchenko said all the political parties in parliament “must fulfill their mission and find understanding to form a alliance.”

      The President also said accusations by some politicians of the alleged economic crisis were groundless due to positive achievements of the Ukrainian economy.

      He called on the Ukrainian parliamentarians to be realists responsible for their obligations.