Celebrating the third annual of the Orange revolution – the Freedom Day will take place at Sofiyivska square on Nov 22, 2007 at 2 p.m, according to Our Ukraine’s web site.

The action organizer is the All-Ukraine Youth Social Organization “Youth Union Our Ukraine”.

As a part of celebrating the biggest flag of Ukraine will be unfolded in the capital. It has been already presented in all region centers of Ukraine, Kaniv city and Hoverla mountain. Also the action “Our dreams to you, Ukraine” will take place during the celebration at Sofiyivska Square.

One of the action’s participants the Youth Union’s head Stepan Barna informed: “Tomorrow all members of the organization will have orange elements in their clothing.

Also the Union calls upon all Ukrainians to join the initiative. Actions “Be free - be orange!” will take place in all regional centers by the Youth Union’s initiative.

“Orange color for us is a symbol of freedom, belief and indestructibility of Ukrainian nation. It was the color that became a symbol of democratic forces’ victory in 2004. We state that youth will always defend the values which guarantee independence, freedom of choice, unity of nation and moving forward to Ukrainian nation. We remember the generation of the ones who struggled for Freedom, Independence and Conciliarism of our state and we understand that it depends today what tomorrow we will have”, - Mr. Barna stated.