Top Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov asks journalists to quote in future everything he says, and do not insult him.

He claimed this to a news conference on Wednesday.

“I said to a previous news conference that prices on cabbage, as well as on butter, sugar, and other foodstuffs, slowed down. But mass media ignored this absolutely”, Azarov said.

“Well done! You used this cabbage with a good effect. I read and think: “am I really such a fool, such a stupid person to tell this nonsense?”, the Deputy Prime Minister complained.

“But, whoever I was, but I am the Finance Minister of this country. You should not humiliate me in such a way”, he stressed.

The Deputy Prime Minister was also insulted with comments of Yulia Tymoshenko about him.

“I liked most of all the comments of Yulia Tymoshenko. I really never knew that “to cut cabbage” means “to make a fortune” in slang. While it appears that she knows this slang!”, Azarov said.