Candidate on the post of Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetski threatens two journalists of “Kyiv” TV with sacking.

According to “Kyiv” journalist Kateryna Popovska, L.Chernovetsky personally threatened her and her colleague Yulia Kayukova, when on 27 March he visited the press-center of the City Administration.

After L.Chernovetski left the press-center, K.Popovska, together with a cameraman, went to interview him. He agreed to give an interview, and said that everything will be all right, “nobody will be sacked, and you will work freely, because earlier you could not work freely”. Asked to explain what he meant by these words, L.Chernovetsky said: “Baby, you’d better not speak with me this way”. After the interview, L.Cerhovetski went to the exit, but suddenly returned to K.Popovska, and said to her that she will be sacked. He also turned to journalist Yulia Kaykova, who stood near K.Popovska, and said that she also will be sacked. According to her words, he stressed that the journalists will not find a job in Kyiv any more.

“I want to inform that I’m not going to resign”, said K.Popovska.