Ukraine, which imports natural gas from Germany's RWE through Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, is seeking to receive gas supplies via Romanian pipelines, Ukraine's state energy firm Naftogaz said on Monday, according to Xinhua.

"We are currently negotiating with Romania on possible gas supplies," deputy head of Naftogaz Vadym Chuprun told journalists here.

Energy experts from Ukraine and Romania are working out the technical ability of gas supplies, while officials are talking over the political components of the issue, Chuprun said.

Ukraine is buying natural gas on the European markets to reduce its reliance on Russian supplies, which cost 426 U.S. dollars per 1,000 cubic meters in the second quarter of 2013.

This year, Ukraine plans to import 27.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas, of which 18 billion cubic meters from Russia's Gazprom, 1.3 billion cubic meters from Germany's RWE and 8 billion cubic meters from Cyprus's Ostchem.