Chief of the People’s Movement of Ukraine, lawmaker Borys Tarasyuk hopes that the first democratic coalition will be created in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. He claimed this at a conference of the PMU local organization in Ivano-Frankivsk on Sunday.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, B.Tarasyuk stressed “at present there is a unique chance for that”.

“We have a unique chance, which we lost last year, we received 228 votes, to create the first democratic majority in the Verkhovna Rada. At a meeting with the President, I was categorically opposed to creating a broad coalition. I’m against the intrigues, which are carried out by the Presidential Secretariat”, the politician stressed.

He informed the conference delegates that, at the meeting with delegates, he “sharply criticized the central headquarters of the electoral campaign, which, in fact, independently adopted political decisions about the electoral campaign, which appeared to be mistaken, and, in fact, removed the OU-PSD political council from influencing the campaign. That is why the central HQ headed by Victor Baloha must be responsible for failure of the campaign”, he said.

Speaking about the situation around creating the democratic coalition, B.Tarasyuk recalled that on 23 November, a session of the newly elected faction took place. “All 72 lawmakers, present at the session, supported forming a single democratic coalition with BYuT. Unfortunately, when they began to collect signatures, at first, 18 signatures of our lawmakers were lacking, after that, 8, an, finally, we lack 7 signatures under the agreement on creating coalition with BYuT”, the PMU leader specified.

In his opinion, the very idea of creating the coalition was put in question in such a way.

“We will hope that after a regular sitting of the faction, after the President insisted on signing the agreement on creating the democratic coalition, these lawmakers will fulfill the obligations, undertaken by the Bloc. In any case, PMU will insist that the agreement on creating the coalition be signed namely with BYuT”.