Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych speaks in support of the soonest beginning of the Verkhovna Rada’s activity and formation of its governing bodies, according to the government`s press-office. “Beginning of the Parliament’s work is very important for us,” the Head of Government stated at the sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, if on Thursday at the Verkhovna Rada’s session the BYT and Our Ukraine-People`s Self-Defense do not submit an application or declaration for creation of coalition signed by at least 226 people’s deputies then we put on the agenda an issue – on election of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada and, undoubtedly, formation of working bodies of the Parliament. “I believe that we should support this course because beginning of the Parliament’s activity is extremely important for the state,” the Prime Minister stressed.

At that Viktor Yanukovych underscored that Government is ready for constructive negotiations in new Parliament “to achieve common opinion on the most important issues”, in particular, as regards adoption of the budget for the year to come.

“With the Parliament we’ll have budget. With the budget - regions and economy will develop. And we’ll calm not only the citizens of Ukraine, our voters but also our partners in the world,” Viktor Yanukovych said.