Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense faction lawmaker, deputy chief of Our Ukraine party Ihor Kril claims he will sign the agreement on democratic coalition, if Our Ukraine party chairman Viacheslav Kyrylenko refuses from the post of the Verkhovna Rada Speaker.

“I’m an adherent of the democratic coalition of OU-PSD and BYuT. However, I’m concerned that the majority in parliament is formed with undemocratic methods. V.Kyrylenko must openly claim about this”, I.Kril pointed out, according to OU press-service.

He emphasized that the party leadership should listen to the voice of minority, and not to neglect it.

I.Kril said that one of the conditions, on which he will sign the coalition agreement, will be the refusal of V.Kyrylenko from the post of the Speaker. “The man, who cannot consolidate lawmakers of his faction, will not be able to consolidate the parliament as well. That is why, in my opinion, V.Kyrylenko must admit this and lift his candidacy from the post of Speaker”, I.Kril said.

He also added that the democratic coalition will be created in the nearest future.

As UNIAN reported earlier, I.Kril is one of the seven lawmakers of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense Bloc, who have not signed as yet the agreement on creating the democratic coalition.