Leaders of Indian tribes pay visit to Ukraine for first time

16:15, 26 June 2013
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For the first time leaders of Indian tribes paid a visit to Ukraine in order to draw attention of society to issues of freedom and democracy, in particular in Ukraine and the USA.

It was said at news conference in UNIAN today.

“This is the first visit in history of Indian peoples of America to Ukraine. They will stay here for some days, but when a heart is geared up for positive and love, it is possible to understand your country, people and to grow fond of you for 2-3 days”, - chairman of “Spiritual diplomacy” Fund Michael Morgulis said this at news conference.

In her turn, princess, spiritual leader of the tribe Hawaii Kauilani Kahalekai noted that Ukraine is a beautiful country.

Leader of the tribe Lakota Joseph Brings Plenty told about a goal of the visit. According to his words, he wants to establish a bridge of understanding between Ukrainian people and people of the tribe Lakota.

The leaders of Indian tribe Lakota and the spiritual leader of the Hawaiian Indians will meet with President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych today.

Answering questions of journalists, what they will speak about with V. Yanukovych, the princess answered: “I would like to tell him how much I like your country, this is wonderful country. I saw the President and he resembles a Hollywood star. I would like to make certain of that. I will surely tell him that and I will tell him to continue to protect his country in order it to be strong in its traditions and cultural values”.

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