22 September 2017
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Tymoshenko may yield post of Deputy Prime Minister in her government

To opposition representative

BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko agrees that an opposition representative will hold the post of a Deputy Prime Minister in her government.

According to the BYuT website, Yu. Tymoshenko said this to journalists in Verkhovna Rada corridors.

“We will agree on that, if the Party of Regions votes for the law on opposition, which we propose now, and which is necessary for them as for the future opposition. This law stipulates giving the opposition the post of a Deputy Prime Minister, who will supervise the government`s activities”, said Yu. Tymoshenko.

“I confirm once more that we are successive adherents of adopting the law on opposition, which gives the opposition broad rights to supervise the power, and lets the parliamentary opposition supervise and call to account power representatives, who violate the Constitution and laws of Ukraine”, she said.

Yu. Tymoshenko noted that the BYuT will build relations with the Party of Regions only as the relations between the power and opposition.

“Any broad coalition is out of question, because it will be a betrayal of our voters”, she said. 

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