The faction of the Party of Regions will not take part in the voting for electing the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada.

Member of the faction of the Party of Regions Vassyl Hara said this in the interview to journalists today.

He noted that the sitting of the faction took place today, where they made the decision not to take ballots while electing the Speaker. According to the words of V. Hara, this can be explained that the Party of Regions “will not be able to work for another format of coalition”.

Moreover, V. Hara said that candidate for the post of the Speaker of the VR from the BYUT and the OU-PSD Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with faction of the Party of Regions. At the same time, V. Hara noted that there are a lot of questions which are left without the answer from the side of A. Yatsenyuk. “A. Yatsenyuk behaved himself as real diplomat”, said V. Hara.