The President instructed the Government to accelerate implementation of social initiatives “Children – the future of Ukraine”, top-priority tasks of health care sphere modernization and improving the efficiency of socially important projects implementation in Ukrainian regions, according to the Press office of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers is instructed to accelerate submission to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and ensure proper maintenance of the draft laws on amendments to the State Budget 2013 and gradual abolition of the level of the living wage (guaranteed minimum) for children.

Moreover, in the nearest time, the Government must solve the issue of purchasing at least 1000 specialized vehicles for regional centers of emergency medical aid and catastrophe medicine.

Under the instruction, by September 2, the Government must solve the issue of providing the equipment for operative-dispatcher services of the emergency medical assistance centers in regions with usage of modern GPS-technologies in order to decrease the time of arrival of ambulance to the patient. Also, by this date, the Government must solve the issue of paying extra charge for the workers of the emergency medical care system.

The Cabinet of Ministers is also instructed to include expenditures for the implementation of socially important projects with high level of readiness coordinated by local authorities at the level not less than 50% of total public investments in the course of elaboration of the State Budget 2014.

Also, the State Budget 2014 must provide for the funding of social initiatives of the President “Children – the future of Ukraine”.

“In order to accelerate implementation of socially important projects in Ukrainian regions, solution of the top-priority tasks in health-care sphere modernization aimed at the improvement of the quality of medical assistance, the Government is instructed to elaborate the mechanisms of attracting additional financial resources for these purposes by October 1,” the Head of State noted.