During the meeting with associations and local government representatives President Victor Yushchenko expressed his assurance that 2008 should be the year of new amended Constitution adoption, according to the President`s press-office.

In this regard he promised to set up National Constitutional Board as a out-of-politics body. The board shall concentrate on preparation of the new draft Constitution which will clarify “how to provide local authorities with enough powers yet sharply define their limitations”. In addition the new Constitution should harmonize relations between power branches both in vertical and in horizontal dimensions as well as provide clear cut mechanisms of financing local authorities. To V. Yushchenko’s mind Constitution amendments work out process should actively involve both society and parliament.

Speaking about local government President mentioned its ineffectiveness as its main issue. Main cause of this ineffectiveness V. Yushchenko sees in the disproportions of local and central authorities powers. In this regard he criticized draft budget for 2008 which foresees much control of central authorities over finances redistribution among local authorities. President called that a mistake which would decrease the effectiveness of self-government.

V. Yushchenko also sees the reform of local government system as “one of the most crucial national reforms.”