The Party of Regions is ready to work in opposition. The coalition of democratic forces is regarded as a temporary phenomenon by them. But the Party of Regions is aimed at constructive cooperation with Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Leader of the Party of Regions Victor Yanukovych said this in an interview with Kommersant – Ukraina, reports the website of the Party of Regions.

“The parliament Speaker election indicated an example of barrack democracy. It was very humiliating for the parliament members, - said Yanukovych. It proves the fact that the created parliamentary majority is very week and that there is a lot of contradictions inside it. It will not give the opportunity to the coalition to work effectively in perspective, so representatives of the power bodies, elected by the majority will not be able to wok effectively as well. The probability that the work of the parliamentary coalition will be effective is nearing zero. That is why the political situation in Ukraine, to our point of view, is forecasted – there will not be any stability in the society”.

At the same time, Yanukovych said the representatives of the Party of Regions are interested that members of the parliamentary majority create the government as soon as possible. “As soon as the Cabinet of Ministers is created, we will state about our transfer to opposition the same day”. But the transfer to the opposition will take place only when the Prime Minister and the government will be elected, specified acting Prime Minister.

“The Party of Regions will not require any portfolio for it. I state to you – we will not take part in forming the executive power bodies, - underlined Yanukovych. - But, naturally, the Party of Regions will pretend for supervising functions, which must be given to opposition. While speaking about the parliament, we will require that democratic, quoted principle of forming committees will be maintained. Speaking about the committees, we want to work in those, which fulfill the control function.

In the status of the opposition the Party of Regions will not criticize, will not look for drawbacks in the work of majority and will not gloat over. Yanukovych promises that. According to his words, “if we think that this of that law does not correspond to the interests of the society, the Party of Regions will propose alternative draft laws. I promise, we attentively watching for this and thoroughly control making decisions”.