EP mission waiting for decision by Ukrainian government in case of Yulia Tymoshenko

09:20, 27 September 2013
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The mission of the European Parliament monitoring cases of selective justice have given the Ukrainian government several proposed solutions to the case of Yulia Tymoshenko, former European Parliament President Pat Cox has said, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"We have several suggested ways out of this situation. We have given to them to our Ukrainian partners several times and now are waiting for a decision from President Yanukovych," Pat Cox said in an interview on TVi.

The former head of the EP underscored that the next two weeks will be decisive for their report on Ukraine's fulfillment of the EU's criteria for the signing of the association agreement. "We will present our report in mid-October. In a week there will be a vote in the European Parliament. The deputies will decide how Ukraine handled the problem of selective justice and whether it's ready for the association agreement. All the foreign ministers of all 28 member-states of the EU will gather that week and will also deliver their verdict. So the next two weeks are very important," he said.

Pat Cox added that Ukraine has made progress by passing some of the necessary laws. "Our mission welcomes these decisions and that there has finally been some headway in the case, although we still have important issues that must be addressed and we continue to work hard in the case of Yulia Tymoshenko," said the EP envoy.

"We can't under any circumstances disclose the contents of the report. It's a huge secret. The EP should be the first to hear it. The document won't be very long; we'll include only the facts - what we saw in prison, what we learned, whether we saw any violations of the law and fundamental human rights. The report will speak for itself, but we still don't have conclusions. Either we say that we successfully completed our mission or recognize that part has been implemented and part not," Pat Cox said.

The former EP president added that the fate of the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU rests on their mission report. "We fully understand the responsibility placed on us, and that so much depends on our report. But we also recognize very well the opportunities for change in Ukraine before us," he noted.

"When we began our mission, relations between Ukraine and the EU were, unfortunately, frozen. I remember that there was no political dialogue, there were no meetings on the highest level. That's why we became part of the program of political defrost and it's good that it happened that way because these relations are important for Ukraine and the EU. If you compare with the start of our work in Ukraine, we can now say that there was noticeable progress in the 20 months of our mission, and especially in the last seven weeks. We're nearing the finish line, and are making every effort for our mission to be successful, so that we can write a positive report, and finally see the signature on the association agreement," Pat Cox said.

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