The Party of Regions will act toughly, should the power’s activities be destructive.

Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych said this in an interview to Inter television.

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According to him, the Party of Regions will undertake actions, “stipulated by the law.” At the same time, he stressed “we are law-abiding people”.

At the same time, Victor Yanukovych said he recently heard from his friends that is he trying to play chess with his opponents, while his opponent take the chess board and strike him on his head. He noted: “We will pay attention to that”.

Victor Yanukovych also stressed that any radical actions never benefited to the country. “We have always been opposed to radical actions”, he said.

The Party of Regions leader added he does not envy either the government or the coalition, because “this coalition is non-viable”.

At the same time, he noted: “We will not put any obstacles on the way of this coalition, if it proposes a real way for the country’s development, and there will be no populist slogans but real steps”.

Victor Yanukovych refused to forecast the period of tenure of the current government, and just recalled that the experience indicates that governments in Ukraine are shifted annually.