“The parliament will never be a homogeneous mass. And we shouldn’t even aim at that. I will try to find a compromise. But I want to emphasize that a compromise can be found with the ones who want to look for it, not the ones who aim at conflicts”, - the OU – PSD Bloc’s member, the VR’s speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk noticed in his interview to Den’ daily, according to Our Ukraine’s web site.

According to him, they should find a compromise in the things that are called national priorities. “The other things should and have to be a subject of discussion. Thus lots of things depend on political parties themselves. They should understand that a destructive position is interesting for the electorate only within first half a year. The next half a year the electorate will change priorities. That’s it. And that’s why they have to look for a compromise. And I’m ready to organize this compromise”, - he stated.

Answering the question on capability of the democratic coalition, Mr. Yatseniuk noticed: “A lot of things depend on public unity of the coalition and also on the government and the president. But this unity shouldn’t be an absolute unanimity. Of course a discussion should be present inside the coalition. I emphasize that it is a discussion that should be there. No one in the coalition has a right of a decisive vote and a right to dot the i’s definitively. That is a coalition and that is a democracy for the decisions to be weighted”.

“I’m against any populist decisions. I’m against making impulsive steps aimed at receiving short-term bonuses, - the speaker accented. – I a long-term player. And if somebody wants to play for a short term, we go different ways. What concerns the coalition’s capability, it depends on the coalition itself and on every its member”.