Ruslana: "Ukraine is Europe!” slogan that remains a priority to Maidan protesters

15:08, 16 December 2013
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On behalf of Maydan Ruslana appealed to European politicians, saying that European integration of Ukraine is now the most important thing for Maydan.

Ruslana said: “The main requirement of protesters at Maydan was and still is described in one sentence - "Ukraine is Europe!"  In her statement, she said that in thousands of emails from people she gets everyday there is one logic, mood and belief on Maydan: “Ukrainian nation is striving for European integration of Ukraine in the nearest future”. "People on Maydan went out to streets because the signing of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was disrupted. Students, who were brutally dispersed in early hours on November 30th on Maidan, also stood with posters "Ukraine is Europe". The biggest desire of people on Maydan’s and their biggest demand is to make actual and real steps towards Ukraine's integration with the EU as soon as possible!

“Bringing Ukraine closer to the EU membership + visa-free status for Ukrainian travellers are main requirements of the First People’s meeting (Viche) and the most desirable reward for all who are now standing on Maydan every day and night, " said Ruslana.

Ruslana urged European politicians to find a possibility to communicate with the Maydan protesters directly, to listen and to help implementing the most important desire of Ukrainian people. "People believe the government weaves "creative lace", gives strange explanations, while in fact they have stopped all Ukraine’s integration processes toward the EU. The government is acting like a clown and annoying both Ukrainain people and European politicians to an end”, said Ruslana.

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