The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted one of the most ambiguous laws of recent times today. Formally the law is called to protect judges, but in fact its provisions toughen the legislation of Ukraine in various areas – from carrying out of rallies up to buying of SIM-cards for cell phones.

235 lawmakers voted for the draft law № 3879 “On introducing amendments into the Law of Ukraine “On judicial system and a status of judges” and procedural laws on additional measures of protection of security of citizens”  by show of hands. Authors of this draft law are Vadym Kolesnichenko and Borys Oliynyk.

Mobile Communication

Since now citizens should present their passports while buying SIM-cards. Mobile operators must conclude a treaty with clients. The passport data should be mentioned in a treaty.

Blocking Of Internet And Surveillance

National Commission, which carries out a state regulation in communications and information area, received a right to oblige internet-providers to restrict access of their subscribers to web sites of worldwide network, through which the dissemination of information contrary to the adopted law is carried out, or through which the activities of news agencies without state registration is carried out.

Non-fulfillment of the demands of the National Commission on Communications and Information leads to imposing of fines on telecommunication operators from two hundred up to four hundred tax-exempt minimum wages.

Moreover, using their own means, operators of telecommunication and Internet providers will oblige to buy and install equipment for ensuring of operational search activities, to ensure functioning of these technical means and promote carrying out of operational search activities.

Also operators of telecommunication and Internet providers will carry out a licensing of services of access to Internet network.

Rallies And Protests

A travel in motorcades that includes more than 5 cars without coordination with the Interior Ministry is punished with a fine from 40 up to 50 tax-exempt minimum wages of citizens or disqualification from driving for 1-2 years with removal of vehicle.

A fine from 150 up to 250 tax-exempt minimum wages of citizens or administrative arrest up to 15 days is imposed on people in case of participation in rallies, meetings, street marches in masks, helmets or hats that complicate identification of a face.

The same form of punishment is stipulated for protesters if it occurs that they have weapons, pyrotechnic stuff and tear gas.

Establishing of small architectural forms without a permission of law-enforcement bodies leads to imposing of a fine from 250 up to 300 tax-exempt minimum wages of citizens or administrative arrest for 15 days.

Seizure Of Buildings

Blocking of buildings or constructions that ensure activity of state power bodies and community of citizens, with resistance to representatives of power with a use of weapons or other objects may lead to imprisonment from 5 up to 10 years.

Public calls to seizure of the buildings or constructions, blocking of access to dwelling, companies and spreading, making and keeping materials that consist of such  content will be punished by restriction of freedom up to 5 years or imprisonment from 2 up to 6 years.

Information About Officials

Illegal gathering, keeping and disseminating of confidential information about a judge, his/her relatives and members of their families, and also insult to judge or pressure on judge may lead now to a fine from 300 up to 500  tax-exempt minimum wages of citizens or two years of imprisonment.

Maximal penalty for the same actions towards employee of the law-enforcement bodies or his/her relatives and family members is an arrest for the term of 6 months.

A slander that is disseminated in Internet  is punished by a fine from 50 up to 300 tax-exempt minimum wages of citizens or communal services work from 150 up to 240 hours, or correctional work for the term up to one year.