Yanukovych states that authorities fulfill all undertaken obligations – Address to citizens of Ukraine

16:28, 30 January 2014
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President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych states that the authorities fulfilled all the undertaken obligations. It is said in the Address to citizens of Ukraine, posted at the web site of the President.

Victor Yanukovych

Yanukovych underscores: “I address you with a feeling of great concern and anxiety about a life and health of many people, who are involved in the confrontation by irresponsible politicians. Unfortunately, this confrontation led to victims. Tonight Ukraine had one more loss – captain of Interior Troops Dmytro Vasiljevych Dunets died prematurely while fulfilling his duties on ensuring of public order in Kyiv. As we all known, recently, Ukraine bid farewell to young people, who perished during the confrontations. It is known that people suffered from overstrain, frost and clashes…”.

According to the words of Yanukovych, in a process of talks on peaceful settlement of confrontation  “we came to concrete agreements with the representatives of opposition. All undertaken obligations we fulfilled. Including the fact, the parliament adopted the law on amnesty that guarantees to all participants of the protests freedom and release of those people, who were detained during the conflicts”.

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