Kysselyov disclosed why Party of Regions in low spirits

17:24, 17 January 2008
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"The BYuT leader forces them to trust her..."

Party of Regions spokesman, lawmaker Vassyl Kysselyov criticized the work of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and disclosed that the party members are in low spirits now.

“I can’t say that we in a cheerful mood now, because the “oranges”, as a result of regular falsifications, returned to power”, Kysselyov said in an interview with “Ukrayina Moloda” daily. “Don’t laugh! I can persuade you in three minutes that in the western regions they received at least a million and a half of illegal votes. Actually, we are in low spirits, because you see that, manipulating with the bad living conditions of people, the BYuT leader forces them to trust her and to vote for her political force. And she deceived them as early as on the next day!”

Answering to the remark of a journalist that Yulia Tymoshenko, nevertheless, fulfilled some of its promises, the lawmaker stressed: “You see! Some of them! She vowed to repay [as a compensation of the depreciated Soviet-era deposits] 136 billion hryvnias in two years. For this year, they stipulated in the budget 20 billion, while in fact, only 6 billion will be repaid. This is the deception of people! Of course, it is good that they pay at least a thousand hryvnias to a person, but it is bad that they used the people and their trust in such a way – they promised to pay off everything. And the “oranges” cynically lie. They do not have any efficient coalition. I introduced a draft decree, proposing to vote for the budget in the same way as for Yulia Tymoshenko – with mere raising hands. 17 members of the coalition were not present in the session hall!! If we insisted on such a way of voting, they could not adopt the budget, and everybody would see that they did not have any unity and mobility”.

“For us, it would be, of course, a plus. But there was a very big minus as well – for the country, which could begin the new year without any budget. That is why we decided not to insist, not to hamper the nation”, Kysselyov stressed.

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