President of the United States of America states that the USA and the European Union are ready to toughen the sanctions against Russian in case of a further intervention in Ukraine

USA and EU are ready to toughen sanctions against Russia in case of further intervention in Ukraine – Obama / REUTERS

“Speaking about the sanctions, now we have seen an excellent coordination between the U.S. and Europe. On both sides of the Atlantic there is a recognition of the fact that during the first invasion into Crimea we had to take concrete steps , and we have identified a list of persons who were responsible for this intrusion. When the Russian government took steps on annexation of Crimea after the referendum that no one outside Russia does not take seriously , we have tightened the sanctions in coordination ( with the EU ), "- Obama said.According to an own UNIAN correspondent in Brussels, Obama said this at press conference after the USA-EU Summit.

"Now we are coordinating efforts concerning potential additional, deeper sanctions if Russia carries out further intrusion into Ukraine " , - said the U.S. leader .