SPU front-runner Oleksander Moroz asks the faction of Our Ukraine to replace the candidacy for the post of the Verkhovna Rada chairman.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, O.Moroz said this in an interview to journalists today.

He noted that his speech at the general meeting of the coalition about the candidacy of Petro Poroshenko for the post of the Verkhovna Rada speaker became widely known. As a result of it, O.Moroz prepared a statement, which he would like to publicize today.

The statement reads that the right to propose a candidacy for the post of the speaker belongs only to the faction of Our Ukraine, in line with the coalition agreement.

O.Moroz noted he respects P.Poroshenko as a politician and an effective manager. But, he added, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has many times stressed the necessity to separate the business and authority, while “in the public opinion the figure of Petro Poroshenko is inseparably linked with the large business, and this must be taken into account”, the Socialist leader said.

O.Moroz added that the whole country remembers the last-year September scandal, which caused the resignation of Yulia Tymoshenko’s government and security chief P.Poroshenko. O.Moroz is convinced that this conflict was based on a personal factor – the personal relations between the two figurants of this conflict. “That is why the coming of Yulia Tymoshenko and Petro Poroshenko to the posts will immediately revive the conflict. It threatens the stability of the power and the effectiveness of the coalition, with all the consequences for the state, society, and concrete citizens”, he said.

O.Moroz also added that there are also many other risks of appointing P.Poroshenko on the post of the speaker. “I know that the Our Ukraine faction has enough reputed lawmakers for this post, and Socialists will vote for it without any doubt, confirming once again that the unity of the coalition is extremely important for us”, he said.