Pro-Russian protesters arrive in “Donetsk” international airport

17:33, 17 April 2014
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Pro-Russian protesters arrived in “Donetsk” international airport.

Pro-Russian protesters arrive in “Donetsk” international airport/Photo from page of airport on Facebook

Representatives of airport confirmed this information to “OstroV”.

“Yes, we have “guests”. They are inside the terminal. They are not taking active measures. Airport is working in a normal regime”, - an agency reports.

Earlier separatists, who seized the building of Donetsk Oblast State Administration in Donetsk, said several times that it is necessary to block a work of the airport to prevent “Pravyi Sector” from coming to the city.

A group of people with flags of so-call “Donetsk Republic” is moving to airport n.a. Prokofjev in Donetsk. A correspondent of “Novosti Donbassa” (“News of Donbass”) reports this.

There are about 100 people. Cars with St. George ribbons are driving around the airport. The number of people is increasing. Cars with St. George ribbons keep coming. People are moving closer to the building, arms were not noticed with them.

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