An explosion took place some minutes ago in the center of Luhansk near the building of Oblast State Administration, which is seized by terrorists.

Explosion took place near OSA building in center of Luhansk /

According to an UNIAN correspondent, according to the words of eyewitnesses, windows are smashed in a building and nearby houses.

As of now medics and firemen are working at the scene.

According to the words of eyewitnesses, the blast occurred at parking lot near the barricades of seized Luhansk Oblast State Administration.

According to the words of eyewitnesses, the blast occurred in the air, directly over the building of oblast state administration.

“They fired from MPADS (Man-portable air-defense systems) at aircraft, but hit in so-called “heat flare”, - wrote one of the eyewitnesses in social network.

According to data of eyewitnesses, a projectile hit in the 4th floor Luhansk Oblast State Administration.  As an eyewitness said to  “Vostochnyi variant”, the projectile hit either cabinet of the chairman of Luhansk Oblast State Administration or in reception. It is unknown what kind of projectile it was.

According to opinion of spokesman for antiterrorist operation Vladyslav Seleznev, “explosion in Luhansk OSA took place due to unqualified usage of firearms and explosive”.