On July 7 Southern Railway resumed completely electric train service to the Donetsk Oblast, the press service of the railway disclosed this to UNIAN.

Southern railway resumes electric train service to Donetsk Oblast

In particular, electric train service of trains № 6851/6854 Kharkiv-Passenger-Dubovoe – Kharkiv – Passenger, № 6853/6856 Kharkiv-Passenger-Gavrilovka- Kharkiv-Passenger, № 6855/6858 Kharkiv-Passenger-Blyzlyuki- Kharkiv-Passenger, № 6445/6446 Kharkib-Levada-Krasmyi Leman-Kharkov-Levada.

Moreover, Southern railway resumed electric train service of trains № 6481/6484, № 6483/6486, № 6487/6482 Kupyansk Uzlovoy-Svyatogorsk-Kupyansk Uzlovoy.

According to the data of the press service, on July 8 electric train service of trains № 6857/6852 Kharkiv-Passenger-Gusarovks- Kharkiv-Passenger will be resumed.