Russia went over to action directed to escalation of conflict in east of Ukraine.


According to an UNIAN correspondent, Speaker of Information Center of NSDC Andriy Lysenko said this at press conference in Kyiv.

“The events of the recent days indicate that the Russian side went over to escalation of the conflict in Donbass”, - he said.

According to the words of Lysenko, during the recent days a number of provocations on the Ukrainian border increased considerably, terrorists fire from mortars through the border at the Russian territory intentionally, and the Russian side presents this as actions of the Ukrainian soldiers.

These accusations are absolutely groundless, noted that Speaker of the Information Center of the NSDC, having added that, in their turn, a number of cases of violation of the Ukrainian airspace with use of helicopters and pilotless planes from the Russian side increased considerably.

Moreover, said Lysenko, a number of attempts of breakthrough of terrorists and armoured vehicles from the side of Russia in direction of Ukraine increased, and firings at ATO forces from the territory of Russia are also fixed.

“Ukraine has documentary confirmations of these facts for corresponding international reaction”, - noted Lysenko.