Local residents recorded a video, where falling of the aircraft can be seen.

screenshot of video

A report about the Ukrainian aircraft shot down by terrorists appeared some hours ago.

According to eyewitnesses, in Krasnodonskiy region, near “Vostochnaya” mine (“Krasnougol” company) terrorists carried out a firing from lightweight air defense weapons system and the Ukrainian aircraft was shot down at 12.30 pm, pilot baled out”.

The press center of ATO wrote on its Facebook page that the contact was lost with the crew of An-26 military-aircraft airport.

“A contact with aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine An-26, which fulfilled tasks within air-transport security of an active phase of ATO, was lost at 12.30 pm. Reasons of disappearance is being clarified”, - it is said in the report.

A search- rescue operation on a region of the Luhansk Oblast is being carried out.

Probably, it is the aircraft, which was shot down by terrorists today.