President Victor Yushchenko gave an interview to journalists during his visit to Pliuty, Kyiv region. According to the President`s press-office, in his interview the President focused on his vision of parliament’s work during the new session.

Speaking about opposition blocking the work of the Verkhovna Rada V. Yushchenko stressed importance of finding ways to compromise on the two key pints of contradiction between the parliamentarians, namely the discussion around Ukraine’s accession to NATO Membership Target Plan and the incident between Internal Minister Yuriy Lutsenko and Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky.

When asked about joint letter of the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker to the NATO Secretary General, V. Yushchenko repeated that the document fully complies with both Ukrainian legislation and national security strategy. He also said that during his today’s consultations with parliamentary factions leaders he suggested that tomorrow’s parliamentary seating began with a discussion on the abovementioned issue, resulting in a joint statement of all political parties. The statement would reaffirm that the letter to NATO Secretary General from Ukrainian high officials did not conflict with the legislation. The statement would also publicly explain the procedure of Ukraine’s possible NATO membership gaining. According to the President “when the Accession Target Plan is implemented, there will be a national referendum held. And only after the referendum a political decisions shall be made”.

Regarding the incident between Y. Lutsenko and L. Chernovetsky the President expressed opinion that most aspects of the incident have already been examined by the Office of the Prosecutor General. Therefore there is no need for a special temporary inquiry committee, calling up which Party of Regions has been insisting upon.

V. Yushchenko also reaffirmed that he plans to deliver his Annual Address to the Verkhovna Rada tomorrow, mentioning however that he would prefer doing that after the two aforementioned issues are resolved. “On the other hand, should there be no compromise found, but the parliament is ready for constructive work, I am ready to come there and deliver the address”, - he added