President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko names the statements of Gazprom OJSC concerning termination of delivering gas to Ukraine as reaction for the statements of the Ukrainian power about possible review of the price for gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

Particularly, today’s evening in the air of 1+1 television channel, for the question of the television anchorwoman, whether he thinks the last statement of Gazprom is the reaction for the statement of the Ukrainian government about possible review of the prices for the gas transit and about removal of mediators at the gas market, the President answered: “As a matter of fact, yes”.

“I am afraid that the politics started to come into the Ukrainian gas market in big portion. And corporative interests follow the politics and they are reserved, hidden and it is not easy to comment on them”, he said.

At the same time V. Yushchenko vigorously turned down accusation of involvement of him and his family into gas companies: “I do not want to speak about gas because it turns out a proper mess to me. I am reproached that my family and I are involved in gas, I have more interesting things to do”.

At the same time the President noted once more that as for today Ukraine has one of the best price for gas at the post soviet area. V. Yushchenko thinks that before making any statements concerning the reached arrangements, it is necessary to carry out a discussion and to show that it is possible to propose better mechanisms, better price and so on, and so forth.