The meeting of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has begun in Moscow.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the meeting is held in one-to-one format.

In the beginning of the meeting, Victor Yushchenko stressed it is necessary to discussed a wide range of touchy issues for both sides.

He stressed that only the Ukraine-Russia Plan of Actions till 2009, which is due to be signed today, includes 26 provisions on different spheres of the bilateral collaboration.

“We are ready to this dialog”, Victor Yushchenko claimed, adding that Ukraine will base on the position that Russia has been and will be a strategic partner for Ukraine.

In his turn, V.Putin stressed there are many topics for discussion. He pointed out the necessity to discuss the issue of commodity circulation between the two countries, and the cooperation in the spheres of aircraft and space.

V.Putin also congratulated V.Yushchenko, noting that despite the internal political situation in Ukraine, the Ukrainian President, nevertheless, managed to pay visit to Russia.