Party of Regions ready to protect from NATO even with preservatives

12:50, 14 February 2008
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PR lawmaker asks to call them "preservativists"

Party of Regions lawmaker Yaroslav Sukhiy claimed to parliamentary journalists that his party is going to keep on blocking the rostrum, and hopes that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, after he returned from Moscow, will get coalition members into shape. “Why do we block? Maybe, tomorrow the right mind will win in somebody’s head, maybe, Yushchenko will return and order to meet the aspirations of half of the Ukrainian population”, ForUM cites the lawmaker as saying.

“Yesterday we were trying to show our good will and offered the coalition to support our draft decree on Ukraine’s joining the NATO MAP. However, this issue was not put on agenda, and nobody wants to meet us halfway. Thus, yesterday late in the evening our faction agreed that we committed a mistake. We will not commit such mistakes any more”, Sukhiy claimed.

Asked by journalists whether “regionals” will keep on blocking the rostrum with balloons, the lawmaker answered “No matter, we can block even with preservatives, we can block with anything we want. Please, call us ballooners or preservativists”.

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