President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha has claimed that he stops his membership of Our Ukraine party.

According to the President`s press-office, Baloha’s statement reads as follows: “I announce about stopping my membership of People’s Union Our Ukraine. This decision was thoroughly thought-out, and it is final.

Since the times of founding the party, we have been connected with many common affairs. We passed together through a tense election race. We selflessly worked for electing President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko as the Head of State. We, together with our partners, opposed the political corruption and usurpation of power, and won the parliamentary snap poll. Our Ukraine enjoyed a wide support of its electors, provided influential positions in the political system and in power. The party has its staunch supporter all over the country. There was my own contribution to this result.

This page has been turned over. I believe that all the efficient opportunities, connected with my being a member of Our Ukraine, have been completely exhausted. My stopping the membership will lift the issue of the correlation between my authorities as the President’s Chief of Staff and as a member of the OU-PSD presidium. All eventual speculations concerning my role in the internal party processes will stop”.

V.Baloha thanked all his party colleagues for the things they lived through and did, and expressed a belief in the “ability of Our Ukraine to remain a powerful, influential, and authoritative political force”.

“Presently my main motive is the need of development, of moving forward, and advancing to new levels”, the statement reads.

According to the statement, now it is necessary to look for new political instruments, modern form of the political dialog, political competitiveness and interaction. “In is necessary to strengthen the democratic flank, and to provide the advantage of democratic political forces over parties, who are trying to impose on the society slogans of the past”, V.Baloha stressed.

At the same time, he disclosed that he has concrete political plans, and is confident that they will be fulfilled.

V.Baloha also added: “Regardless of my conditions, my participation in political processes will be connected with Victor Yushchenko as a person, a man of high principles and noble aims”.