Volkov gives advice to Party of Regions

14:34, 18 February 2008
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Volkov gives advice to Party of Regions concerning blocking of Verkhovna Rada

The Party of Regions will unblock the parliamentary tribune on Tuesday, on February 19.

President of Political Analyze and Social Forecast Institute, parliament member of the 3-4 convocations Oleksandr Volkov expressed this opinion in the interview to UNIAN.

He noted that he supported the demands, proposed by the Party of Regions and the CPU concerning the necessity of recall the signature of Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Arseniy Yatsenyuk under the letter concerning NATO and necessity of defining the definite date of carrying out the referendum on NATO.

At the same time he thinks that the form of the protest – the blocking of the parliament - overstepped the limits . “To put it mildly it looks funny. And opposition losses a lot today – they do not allow to work to absolutely incapable parliament”, he underlined.

O. Volkov thinks that it is necessary to stop urgently the blocking and the best way out of the situation would be putting all the demands on the paper with the simultaneous statement that until these demands will not be studied the opposition will not register in the hall and will not take part in the work of the parliament. “It is necessary to raise the blockade and let the coalition try to vote even for one law. People have the opinion that the problems of the parliament appear because the parliament does not work, and V. Yushchenko can not do something because the parliament is blocked. People can not sort out why we have such inflation, why the prices are up… all these things they put into one bag – it is because the parliament members from the Party of Regions block the parliament. Full stop”, said O. Volkov.

He underlined that all these things negatively influence the image of the Party of Regions. “It is necessary to go out of the situation in appropriate way. It is necessary to unblock the parliament and let the coalition try to solve those problems, which they think are necessary. Let them vote without the Lytvyn’s Bloc for even one law, for something”, he noted. At the same time O. Volkov expressed the persuasion that the coalition can not reach the necessary number of votes; “I guarantee, they will vote for nothing, they will not receive 226 parliament members today, who would systematically sit in the hall and permanently vote for those 600 draft laws, about which the President speaks”.

O. Volkov is sure that the Lytvyn’s Bloc will not also take part in the voting because his demands, including the State Purchase Law, were not fulfilled.

After the coalition will show its incapacity and the work of the parliament would be blocked because of impossibility of the work of the majority, according to his words, it will be possible to address to the public and say: “The work of the Parliament is impossible in this situation. The snap election are needed in order to change this”.

O. Volkov thinks that if not to give to the coalition to demonstrate “its forces”, so the Party of regions can receive more less than in 2006.

He criticized today’s form of protest with balloons in the session hall: “One parliament member from the Party of Regions said that they would block even with condoms, but it would be even better to block with that is in the condoms – it would be more funny, and they blew up something incomprehensible”.

 O. Volkov underlined that it is necessary to understand for Party of Regions that they have to make up for the things, which they lost.


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