Yansenyuk was shown long finger

14:49, 19 February 2008
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President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko obliged chairman of the State Department of the Traffic Police of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Sergiy Kolomietz, chairman of the special subdivision of the Traffic Police Kobra and his deputy to write the dismissal applications.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he said this today at the start of the board of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine after Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said about one of the cases at the road, which he saw personally.

Particularly, A. Yatsenyuk informed all presented people, including the President that last Sunday, he was driving a car, accompanied by the car of the department of the State Guard Service and not breaking the Traffic Rules, was going on his affairs. Suddenly a jeep appeared at the highway, which did not react to the signs of the accompaning car and broke the rule of the road. This jeep, which prevented the moving of A. Yatsenyuk’s car, went right, after a window were pulled down and a person, who was in this car showed, according to the words of A. Yatsenyuk, “rather famous sign”, which is used “in American films”.  As it was clarified  later, deputy special subdivision of the Traffic Police of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine under the surname Kozha was in the jeep, said A. Yatsenyuk.

The Speaker of the parliament noted that he clarified it later, because after the stop the driver did not present the documents. Also, according to the information of A. Yatsenyuk, it was clarified that this person has cars “Toyota Land Cruiser”, “Mitsubishi”, “Porsche” and the jeep, with which the way of A. Yatsenyuk “met” after the incident, was found that the parking lot of Kobra special subdivision of the Traffic Police.

In his turn, V. Yushchenko, addressing to the leaders of the Traffic Police noted: “Nobody gave you the right for this behaviour, the behaviour, which the department of the Traffic Police demonstrates today. It is inadmissible”.

The head of the state said that he never breaks the rule of the road. “I never cross the axial line, I stop on the red light”, said the President.

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