Member of the Political Council of the Our Ukraine People Union party, deputy Chief of Staff Roman Bessmertny, chairman of Central Control-Revision Commission of the party, parliament member of Ukraine Myhaylo Polyanchych, deputy chairman of the party, parliament member Igor Kryl, member of the presidium of the OU-PSD, parliament member Victor Topolov, member of the Political Council of the party, parliament member Oksana Bilozir and member of the Political Council of the party, parliament member Vassyl Petyovka declared yesterday about their withdrawal from the Our Ukraine People Union.

They presented their position in the joint application; UNIAN has the text of this application.

“We declare about our withdrawal from the Our Ukraine People Union”, it is said in the document.

 Parliament members, who signed this application, note that there are some weighty reasons, which impelled them to do this step.

“First of all, these are serious, irreversible and negative tendencies in the development of the party both in the center and, it is very important, in places. Some of the leaders of the party play their own game, coming from personal interests and it has nothing to do with responsibility, pluralism and norms of democracy”, it is said in the application.

The former members of the OU-PSD note that some members of the Our Ukraine started using the party for satisfying their personal ambitious.

“Secondly, the Our Ukraine as the formed political brand became comfortable area, beautiful screen for fulfilling ideas, imposed from without. The party began to be used as absolution, as means of satisfying personal ambitious, as a commodity at the political services market.  It is categorically unacceptable for us”, said the parliament members.

Moreover, the authors of the application said that the leaders of the OU-PSD violate the charter of the party.

“Thirdly, the big distance appeared between party’s leaders and ordinary party’s members because of unfoundedness and unwillingness of using the experience of the active of party. The top of the Our Ukraine does not get the energy of action from its local organizations any more. The numerous violations of the Charter of the party take place and the sessions of the political council of the party are not carried out for more than half a year”, think the signers of the application.

“And, probably, it is the most important. We lost a persuasion that people, who are at the key positions in the party, are devoted to the President. We have nothing to do in the company of those, who changed orientation. Leaving the lines of the Our Ukraine People Union, we wish sincerely to all members of the party to come back to their values and idea origins. We hope that the party is able to clear oneself from rust, unscrupulousness, double standards and untruth”, it is said in the statement.